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Terms & Conditions

Venue Rental

The rental price varies based on the number of guests attending the event and the type of event. Public holidays will attract an extra 20%. An hourly rate can be made available upon request. If catering for 120-150 persons the use of the main hall and the balcony area would be required. If catering for less than one hundred (100) persons, the main hall only would be suitable. In some cases, however, layout may affect seating capacity.

Venue Rental Includes: 
•    The provision of the venue/space and the furnishing of lighting, water, and electricity.
•    The tables & chairs
•    The use of the Public Address System and Sound System comes with a DJ and background music.
•    Audio Visual Equipment (Projector and screen)
•    Wireless Internet Access
•    Back-up Power & Water Supply
•    Kitchen facility for warming & serving food and for washing-up purposes. **No cooking is done on-   

•    Parking accommodation and parking warden to assist guests with parking.
•    Mandevilla is responsible for the general cleaning of the facility after use.
*Your event should be finished by 9:00 pm. However, if your event is not finished by 9:00 pm a security fee that would have been paid before the event will not be refunded. The end time for your event is to be determined and agreed before the event date between the client and management. The cut off time for all events is 12 am unless other permission has been granted by management. 
*The costing for rental of all other items will be made available upon request.

This is 50% of the venue rental & is a non-refundable deposit required to secure the venue for the date requested. This deposit is paid with the intention of using the facility for the event date specified. If there is a cancellation of your event, this deposit will not be refunded. Please note the use of our facility is not confirmed until the 50% non-refundable deposit is paid. 

Caution Fee
A minimal cost of $3,500JMD is required to be paid before your event. It is refundable only if there is no damage found to the building or its fixture as a result of you or the guests at your event. An inspection will be carried out after your event and the money refunded if no damage is found to the building, lighting & bathroom fixtures, etc. If however, any damage is found to the building or the fixtures this fee will be used to repair or replace damaged items and the balance refunded. If the fee is not sufficient, the client will be required to cover the additional cost associated with repairs or replacing the item. If any of the items rented are damaged or goes missing, the caution fee will be used to replace the item or the client will be responsible for replacing the item or items and the client refunded the balance. If no damage is found to the building and its fixtures and no item rented is damaged or goes missing the client will be refunded the full amount.
If any items such as glasses, serving utensils, etc. are used that were not paid for previously, the caution fee will be used to cover the cost associated with such items and the balance refunded to the client. Security Fee

A security fee of $10,000 JMD will be applied to events going beyond 9:00 pm. However, your event should be finished by 12 am or the time agreed between the client and management.

Venue Setup & Décor Guidelines 
Mandevilla will be responsible for laying out tables and chairs in the manner specified by the client or as recommended by management. It also includes the placement of tablecloths, chair covers & tie-backs and napkins if rented from Mandevilla Place. DOES NOT INCLUDE THE PROVISION OR PUTTING UP OF DECORATIONS WHICH IS SEPARATE. Décor is a separate area & based on your budget or the items requested a pro forma can be done for you as we provide decorating services also. We will be happy to advise you & share our ideas.
**Setup of your event may be done the day before only if the venue is not booked for an event. Management will advise you accordingly of available setup time based on bookings and other considerations. The time frame allotted to facilitate setup will also be determined by management. If an outside decorator or supplier is being used he or she will be required to follow guidelines as specified by management as it relates to what can or cannot be done to the existing structures and areas of the room. Please see décor and setup guidelines below:


Washing-Up Charge 
This is a charge of $4,500JMD that will be applied if any cutlery, dinnerware and or glassware will be rented from Mandevilla Place & is the labor cost applied for washing & cleaning these items after use. This charge will be doubled if your event is being held on a public holiday.

A podium, microphone, and wireless microphone are provided. Any additional equipment needed for your event will have to be provided by the client. The sound system is controlled by the in house DJ and has a varied selection of music. It is recommended, however, that you bring compact discs, thumb drives or other devices compatible with our system with special songs and playlists that you would want to have played at your event.  Please check to ensure that the device, discs, etc. are in working order before your event date.  Arrangements regarding the music for your event is to be made before your event date. This is done at no additional cost and we recommend that music choices and special song requests be made in advance. If no specific song selections are made and special songs were given to the DJ then he will choose and play songs from his collection.

Audio Visual Equipment  
A projector and screen are provided which can be used for picture presentations, etc. You may need to bring your laptop and then connect it to our system. 

Wireless Internet Access 
Wireless broadband is available throughout the auditorium and is made available to guests and attendees at no additional charge.

 Back-Up Power and Water Supply 
In an effort to make your event as successful as possible, back-up systems are in place to provide a seamless transition if there happens to be a power outage or water shortage.

Man-Made Waterfall 
The sound of a soothing man-made waterfall adds to the ambiance of the facility. Uniquely named after the visionary it is called "Bunn's River Falls" providing a scenic backdrop for picture taking.

Cleaning of the Facility 
Mandevilla Place is responsible for the general cleaning of the facility after use. However, the clients are responsible for the removal of items brought in by them and should leave the room in good order

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