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Frequently Asked Questions

 Q.      How many persons can the Auditorium Accommodate?
Ans.   The hall can comfortably accommodate 150 persons seated with tables and chairs and 200     

           seated with chairs only utilizing the main hall and the balcony area.

Q.      What do you get with the Rental of the Facility? 

  1.   The rental of the facility includes the provision of the venue/space.

  2.   The furnishing of lighting, water, and electricity (LINEN NOT INCLUDED BUT RENTED UPON REQUEST          AT AN ADDITIONAL COST).

  3.   The use of the PA system and sound system which comes with a Dj and background music. 

  4.   Projector and screen and Wifi Access.

  5.   Kitchen facility for warming & serving food ONLY and for washing-up purposes.

  6.   Mandevilla is responsible for the general cleaning of the facility after use.

  7.   The tables & chairs.


Q.         What is the cut off time for events?
Ans.     The event should be finished by 9 pm. However, if the event goes beyond 9 pm the cut off time               is 12 am. The security fee will not be refunded if the event is not finished by 9 pm.

 Q.       Do you have Adequate parking?
Ans.    There are secured parking lots to the front of the building, to the left and also to the right of     

             the building. Special parking arrangements can be made based on the number of guests     

             expected. Parking wardens are also available to usher drivers to spaces and to secure vehicles.
Q.      Do you do Catering or offer Catering services?
Ans.   We partner with reliable caterers to provide quality catering services. Menus can be discussed                
between client and management.
Q.      What does the Kitchen Facility have or offer?
Ans.   The kitchen facility is equipped with a stove, microwave, cooler, wine cooler, deep-freezer, and             double sink. It also boasts two arches that can be used to set up a buffet or for serving         

           beverages or to utilize as a bar.

 Q.      Is the Room Air-Conditioned?
 Ans.  Yes, the room is completely air-conditioned.

 Q.      How many persons can be seated at a round table and at a long rectangular table?
Ans.   A round table seats up to 8 persons while long rectangular seats 10 (both sides utilized).

Q.       Can I provide my own decorations or decorator?
Ans.   You have the option of using our decorating services or providing your own decorations or       

           decorator. Please see décor and set up guidelines for further information.

Q.       How do I book or secure an event date?
Ans.    After you have decided that you definitely want to use the facility and the date you are       

            interested in is available, a  50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure the event date.


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